Being a business today means constant evolution – continually retooling yourself to stay ahead of trends and customers’ wants and expectations. However, change for change’s sake won’t help you grow. You need a partner that is focused on your business, who can guide you to the next stage of your lifecycle.

Good change must begin at the top – the leaders of your enterprise. Dinocrates will work with the executive level to plot the course and culture of your organization, implementing the necessary changes that reflect your mission and business goals.

We will analyze your core competencies and implement a strategic plan that builds off your strengths to define a clear path to your future – enabling your enterprise to grow, expand, and continually evolve into what the market demands.

Our Philosophy

Dinocrates works with you to deliver a holistic approach that integrates all of our services. We connect business strategy to transformation ambition and executional discipline to create a successful and sustainable enterprise that can turn on a dime.

Thomas R. Prokop Founder; President; CEO

Mr. Prokop is the founder, president, and CEO at Dinocrates. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the firm's strategy, team, and operations across the country. He leads the firm in its mission to deliver the best client results in the management consulting industry.

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