To stay ahead of the curve, strategists must understand, compete across, and adapt to a much broader range of calculated situations, each requiring distinct approaches and capabilities. If you don’t have the facts of your business straight, trouble will ensue.

Dinocrates grounds your strategy on the influencers related to your business, industry, and constituents. We take into account where you stand competitively in your market, your financial position, the state of the markets, and mission objectives. Then, we implement a strategic plan to set a path for harmony, prosperity, and longevity.

Our Philosophy

Dinocrates keeps strategy simple. In order for your strategy to be successful, it must be understood by all, and that means keeping it clear, straightforward, and easily articulated, disseminated, and executable.

How We Help 

Enterprise Strategy

Your company is greater than one individual or one department. Dinocrates helps enterprises structure the leadership pyramid and strengthen lines of communication so the business functions as a whole.

Mission-Focused Strategy

The public sector is vastly different than the private sector, starting first and foremost with strategy. Dinocrates will create a plan that puts your mission first.

Business Unit Strategy

What’s your arena and how will you beat the other teams? Business unit strategy is besting the competition and helping your business reach its earning potential.

Strategic Planning Framework and Facilitation

Some clients may already be down the road of creating or updating their strategy. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Dinocrates will accelerate the implementation process through your frameworks and existing resources.

Portfolio Management

Regardless of being in the private or public sector, organizations need to actively manage their business portfolios and balance investment opportunities against the capital or budget available to them.

Tactical Plan and Performance Management

Great – you now have a strategy!  With that firmly in place, Dinocrates will help you execute the plan to reap its full benefits.


A Member-Centric Healthcare Cover Provider

Dinocrates, in part of starting our work for technology services, was asked by our client to provide strategic consulting on organization and value proposition, and developing initial solutions – geocoding business services and enrollment. Results were achieved by engaging business and IT leaders to define strategic intent and to enable new visibility into member details that would improve quality of care and lower cost.

Federal Civilian Agency Line Office

Dinocrates supported the establishment and execution of a Program Management Office (PMO) and performed business architecture, BPM, process improvement, business analysis, and program/project management services to transform the office by boosting its effectiveness, efficiency, and agility. As this PMO was stood up, Dinocrates’ worked with the lead executive in creating their fiscal year strategic plan to determine the office’s direction and baseline/measure performance. After the strategic plan was created, it was communicated to the staff and execution was monitored for results.

Additionally, the lead executive requested that we work with a new Branch Chief of a new branch, and thus Dinocrates created the branch strategy, execution plan, and organizational breakdown along with business functions and high-level service delivery strategy to support the new branch. We also created a 30/60/90/120-day plan for the new Branch Chief.

Federal Civilian Agency Corporate Service Office

Dinocrates provided strategic advisory services which included supporting strategic, architectural, operational, and communication deliverables. Our work included creating strategic planning deliverables for governance over enterprise shared services and a roadmap forward to manage change-enabling enterprise shared services.


John Hillmann Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer (COO) with Dinocrates, Mr. Hillmann executes the corporate strategy for fostering the enterprise and continuing value through growth, as well monitoring existing business operations with a focus on continuous improvement.

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