Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

With global supply chains being the norm and the increased complexity of both public and private operations, there’s a lot of room for complications to sneak in. When you also factor in consumer demand for constant innovation and improvement, operational resources are often stretched thin. Dinocrates helps you do more with less, smoothing out your operations and increasing your agility and effectiveness.

Our Philosophy

There are six factors for public and private sectors that equate to operations success: efficiency, effectiveness, agility, transparency, innovation, and managed results. Dinocrates reviews your existing system, personnel, and infrastructure to lower costs and improve speed to market.

How We Help

Business Process Management (BPM)

Through BPM, Dinocrates defines, improves, and manages your organization’s end-to-end enterprise business processes in order to achieve three outcomes crucial to a performance-based, customer/constituent-driven organization:

  • Clarity on strategic direction
  • Alignment of the firm’s resources
  • Increased discipline in daily operations

BPM is an enterprise-wide, structured approach to providing the products and services that your customers and constituents value most. It is grounded in the premise that you must take a process view of your organization in order to understand what products and services best meet consumer demands. By understanding the key business processes your organization uses to meet these, the gap between customer/constituent expectations and your ability to perform will emerge.

Business Process Redesign (BPR)

Dinocrates works with your enterprise to ensure that you’re delivering at the highest quality while exploring cost efficiencies to keep you competitive in the marketplace.

Lean Six Sigma

A combination of lean manufacturing and lean enterprise, Lean Six Sigma works back from the customer to strengthen the collaborative team effort of your personnel and improve performance.

Shared Services

Realizing the benefits of shared services is one of the most impactful ways a company or government can leverage its talent, expertise, and scale to achieve profitable growth and efficiency of operations. Dinocrates improves your shared services organizations by instilling management rigor and proven leadership techniques.

Project and Program Management

Whether you are managing a project or a group of related or similar projects in a coordinated manner, management rigor is a top priority. Dinocrates will strengthen your management and project lead teams and objectives.

Client Results

Federal Civilian Agency Line Office

Dinocrates supported the establishment and execution of a Program Management Office (PMO) and performed business architecture, BPM, process improvement, business analysis, and program/project management services to transform the office by boosting its effectiveness, efficiency, agility, and transparency.

In working with our client, we established Business Process Modeling and Process Decomposition Standards to drive standardization and structure to business processes that allow for greater line-of-sight from the client’s process to strategy. After identifying risk in the amount of federal employee turnover, Dinocrates created and managed the office’s Continuity Book Initiative, which documents the methods, processes, and activities of the office and its branches. As a result of the Continuity Book, documentation aligned the staff and increased overall employee engagement in operations while reducing the risk of siloed information and a single point of failure.

Federal Civilian Agency Corporate Service Office

Dinocrates provided strategic advisory services, including support of strategic, architectural, operational, and communication deliverables. We developed detailed models of complex organizational and business process systems and gathered, analyzed, validated, and utilized data to support our results. Dinocrates also created the business architecture for our client’s enterprise shared services. Additionally, a governance model over enterprise shared services was created and a roadmap forward to manage the change-enabling enterprise shared services was delivered.

Federal Civilian Agency Line Office’s Regional Office and Science Center

Dinocrates provided program and project management support in restarting and driving an enterprise solution focused on collecting and making available all data associated with our client’s specific activities in their region. Our work included managing a broad and varied stakeholder across public and private sectors. While this work contained many technology services, the enterprise solution recommended by our team supported the collection, storage, retrieval, evaluation (quality control and analysis), and dissemination of standardized data through iterative business process, system, and data modeling and development.

Through this process, we captured the current state process and identified 73 pain points. We performed root cause analysis on prioritized pain points to improve efficiency, effectiveness, agility, and communication through process redesign. Dinocrates then reengineered processes for future state implementation and system design.