The Federal Government

Unless you’re in it, it’s hard to appreciate the size and scope of the government’s infrastructure, teams, and networks. Dinocrates has a long history of working with the federal government, helping multiple departments and channels update their technology and put the right structures and systems in place to transform their agencies.

Legacy applications often pose migration and compatibility issues, and operating models need to be updated to work with new applications to increase scalability, flexibility, security, and efficiencies. Dinocrates works with top management to apply the best technological solutions while also modifying workflow procedures and strengthening compliances.

Dinocrates also recognizes the budget constraints of the federal government. A thorough strategic plan is outlined and followed to provide the right solutions in the most cost-efficient manner.


State and Local Government

State and local government budgets are typically even tighter than the federal government, and the systems can be just as sprawling and confusing. When you look at how many state and local programs affect residents on a daily basis – public transportation, public schools, police and fire, local agencies – technological advancement and best management practices are imperative to their success.

Dinocrates helps state and local government streamline their services through advanced technological solutions. We update existing systems and implement new applications that help states and local governments deliver on their promise of better outcomes for their residents.