At Dinocrates, we consider ourselves a boutique firm that delivers big for our clients. Our leaders are leaders in their fields, who work directly with you to build your strategy and solutions.

As these are the people you’ll soon personally meet, why not get to know them a little beforehand.

Thomas R. Prokop Founder; President; CEO

Mr. Prokop is the founder, president, and CEO at Dinocrates. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the firm's strategy, team, and operations across the country. He leads the firm in its mission to deliver the best client results in the management consulting industry.

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John Hillmann Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer (COO) with Dinocrates, Mr. Hillmann executes the corporate strategy for fostering the enterprise and continuing value through growth, as well monitoring existing business operations with a focus on continuous improvement.

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Jim St. Clair Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with Dinocrates, Mr. St. Clair leads the company’s Technology Solutions in both emerging and COTS technologies in addition to developing the technical strategy including goal-setting, options, risk analysis, and alignment with Dinocrates' customer business objectives.  Mr. St. Clair is leading the Dinocrates transformation technology initiatives in the advisory and adoption of blockchain, robotic process automation (RPA), and addressing ongoing challenges in security and compliance, including IoT, GDPR and NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

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Bill Maguire Chief Information Officer

Mr. Maguire is the Chief Information Officer of Dinocrates Group. He is responsible for working closely with Dinocrates leadership on all aspects of the firm's technology platform and capabilities, including internal support and client-facing technology service offerings. He will lead the firm's information technology group and work to maximize existing and future technology investments.

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Matthew Kristin Chief Innovation Officer

As the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) for Dinocrates, Mr. Kristin ensures that innovation efforts maintain a clear mission and framework as well as supporting best practices, developing skills, identifying new market spaces, and facilitating idea generation.

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