As Fast as the Speed of Light

It’s hard to believe, but that smartphone in your pocket contains more computational power than all the computers used to first land a man on the moon. Since personal computers became widespread, technology had grown at a rate that eclipses any innovation in human history.

As an organization, you need a clear path to digitizing your core business and accelerating technological growth to stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape. Dinocrates will light the way.

Our Philosophy

Business drives technology and technology drives business. They are forever entwined as the foundation for success. As big data and cognitive computing continue to expand, technology is integral to new product and service development, and increasing profitability.

How We Help

As technology consultants, our bread and butter is staying in front of technological change. Whether it’s mobile, big data, or the Internet of Things, Dinocrates will put the systems, networks, applications, and infrastructure in place that will serve your needs for years to come.

IT Strategy

Every business is technology dependent. The key is understanding your depth of dependence and how your IT strategy aligns with your business goals or mission. With our expertise in IT consulting, Dinocrates will develop and implement a successful IT plan.

IT Project and Program Management

Dinocrates evaluates your IT projects based on your business needs. By developing an order of importance framed by internal and external demands and the need for innovation, we determine the true value of your projects so they can be scheduled accordingly and have the right resources applied for success.

Mobile Management

Mobile devices continue to grow in work environments, whether it’s a sensor on a piece of equipment or an employee-issued smartphone. While mobile devices increase efficiency and access, they also introduce cost, security, and usability challenges. Dinocrates maps out your entire mobile ecosystem and provides solutions to address mobile management strategy and security.

Big Data

Big data analytics continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Structured and unstructured data contains a wealth of business insights that can guide your company to a prosperous future, but how do you safely harness all of that information?

Dinocrates will transform your company into a smart data-catching machine, providing counsel on what technology to use and how to build your big data capabilities to keep you ahead of the competition.

Cloud Computing

Public, private, or hybrid? Bare metal infrastructure? The cloud is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and determining where and how you store your data and run your applications is paramount to creating an efficient enterprise network.

System Integration

Time, costs, and efficiencies are wasted running multiple networks. Dinocrates develops your system integration plan by assembling all of your network elements and getting them to work together in one connected ecosystem, testing throughout the process to ensure your network is safe, secure, and fully functional.

System Modernization

Migrating legacy systems is notoriously difficult. If you need to modernize your existing infrastructure or add cloud elements and applications, Dinocrates has you covered.

Software and Applications

IT is much more than just infrastructure and hosting environments. Dinocrates builds up your software and application capabilities to get more out of your data, improve your products and services, and allow for continued business innovation.

Process Automation

Dinocrates implements advanced technologies to automate your complex business processes and functions beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping activities.

Business Process Integration (BPI)

Essential for organizations looking to connect systems and information efficiently, BPI allows for the automation of your business processes, integration of systems and services, and the secure sharing of data across numerous applications.

In addition, BPI provides automation of management, operational, and supporting processes to give your business a technological edge over competitors.

Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic case management will simplify and automate your organization’s workflow. It brings together the people and information needed to get work done completely and correctly throughout the entire lifecycle of a case, utilizing built-in social and mobile capabilities to simplify collaboration.

Client Results

A Federal Health Agency

Dinocrates provided Pega professional support services on the Eligibility Appeals Case Management System (EACMS). The EACMS receives, processes, and resolves appeals and is built on the Pega 7 platform. During the solution and development of this system, we reengineered and automated complex business processes, integrated with business intelligence framework and IBM FileNet, supported migration to AWS, improved the system to become 508 compliant, and implemented autonomous event services that have been instrumental in predictive analytics.

A Member-Centric Healthcare Cover Provider

Dinocrates led the design, development, and initial implementation of a common integration infrastructure for enabling external health IT data exchange solutions for a nationally recognized industry leader. We provided data integration needs related to the network, health benefits, quality assurance, claims, and customer portal, enabling solutions for processing member enrollment data supporting Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial options. The following benefits were realized by our client:

  • Improved data quality by performing data evaluations based on several needs (Medicaid business rules, HEDIS, Financial, and HIPAA EDI transaction rule sets) to support data quality, analytics, quality of care reporting, and government agency reporting
  • Enabled an extensive set of security capabilities and operational functions to provide an end-to-end data management assurance of highly sensitive member data and business operational data, delivering a trusted external data exchange and internal data integration business solution
  • Created a simplified transaction platform that will be leveraged across healthcare processes and external vendor processes
  • Replaced redundant applications across the enterprise that resulted in annual cost savings of $200k
 A Start-Up Health Plan

Dinocrates developed a data hub proof-of-concept system to process member enrollment and provider demographics for a startup health plan. The Dinocrates solution optimally automated data processing while ensuring 100% data processing completion of the enrollment and provider data. Other results included developeing architecture, schedules, and resource plans for a cloud-based solution integrating the client with its trading partners, including C4HCO (state exchange), Loomis (TPA), Online Insight (membership management), and an online directory vendor; and utilizing tools including TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO BusinessConnect for HIPAA Edition, TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO Hawk, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, Armor Secure Cloud, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and MS/SQL Server.

A Leading Specialty Benefits Management Company

Dinocrates managed the TIBCO Operations and Administration to ensure compliance and reliability. We administered and configured several TIBCO components, including BusinessWorks, Enterprise Message System (EMS), and Active Matrix Integration Platform operating within a Windows environment. Other results included:

  • Established a LAB testing infrastructure and operational environment
  • Managed component upgrades and performing component migrations
  • Implemented BusinessConnect as a technology replacement for trading partner management to define a new integrated platform with multiple delivery environments (production, pre-production, test, and development)
  • Supported the creation of the organizational disaster recovery environment, networking, security, and testing for an operational failover


Federal Civilian Agency Line Office’s Regional Office and Science Center

Dinocrates provided program and project management support in restarting and driving an enterprise solution focused on collecting and making available all data associated with our client’s specific activities in their region. Our work included managing a broad and varied stakeholder across public and private sectors.

Dinocrates introduced and managed an agile development approach through the course of our work. We utilized Agile Scrum and TOGAF methodologies, and developed a strawman architecture baseline and system requirements for data collection. Dinocrates reviewed documentation and developed project plans, future state architecture, and requirements to update the data collection from industry and state participants in our client’s geographic region. We documented organization objectives, requirements, business rules, business process diagrams, user stories, use cases, and data entities as well as their respective dependencies (traceability) using TechnoSolutions’ TopTeam.

Dinocrates also identified requirements for the future-state Report Validation and Management Systems, and worked with a diverse group of government agencies to identify issues and develop a consensus that met government objectives. The enterprise solution recommended by our team supported the collection, storage, retrieval, evaluation (quality control and analysis), and dissemination of standardized data through the iterative business process and system and data modeling and development.

John Hillmann Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer (COO) with Dinocrates, Mr. Hillmann executes the corporate strategy for fostering the enterprise and continuing value through growth, as well monitoring existing business operations with a focus on continuous improvement.

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